AvtoVAZ will only produce cars in three colors instead of six to eight. There is a shortage of paint at the company: the manufacturer uses German paints and varnishes. AvtoVAZ promised to solve the problem in the near future.

AvtoVAZ will produce cars in only three colors due to lack of paint

There is a shortage of paints and varnishes at AvtoVAZ, Vedomosti writes with reference to dealers. Due to a shortage of paint, the Lada cars will only be produced in black, white or dark green.

AvtoVAZ in its production uses paint complexes and materials from the German company Eisenmann, recently the company has used Nasf and Henkel enamels. Experts note a shortage of enamels and paint complexes.

Before the current shortage, AvtoVAZ produced cars in six or eight colors. At the moment, the car can only be purchased in three colors, the others will not be available until March.

AvtoVAZ confirmed the shortage of paints and varnishes and promised to solve the problem in the near future with the support of the relevant ministry.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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