Apple recommends replacing the battery after 500 charge cycles. Typically, at this point the battery capacity only conserves about 80% of the power. But the battery can be made more durable.

“It is very important to use original accessories for charging. You cannot be sure that a third-party adapter will transfer the charge correctly. This can cause rapid loss of battery capacity. Let me remind you that the cost of batteries for Apple smartphones is one of the highest in Russia and can reach 5,000 rubles,” said Yefimov.

You should also take into account the ambient temperature in the room when charging. iPhone battery works best between 0 and 35 degrees. “For example, you should not leave your phone in the sun while charging, but also use resource-intensive functions: play games, use navigation services,” added Yefimov.

You should keep the charge between 20% and 80%. You can use the “Optimized Charge” function.

Source: Ferra

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