Google announces an artificial intelligence that can create its own original music

As incredible as it may seem, artificial intelligence is transforming the music industry in many ways. From music production to promotion and distribution, AI. They are revolutionizing the way music is experienced and consumed. For example, machine learning technologies allow artists to create personalized and unique music in real time. And that’s just to mention one of the many examples we can highlight.

On the other hand, AI-based recommendations improve user experience on music streaming platforms. spotify, and lets you recommend new music based on your preferences. This is known as an “algorithm”. AI is also helping the music industry fight piracy and copyright theft by providing tools to monitor and protect music content. But now you will be able to create your own music directly.

Google’s great invention about music

an artificial intelligence created by Google you have the power to make your own original music. I eat? You just need to write. That is, asking the AI ​​to “make a song that mixes a rock song with Irish folk elements and combines both the rock rhythm and the serenity of the Irish people,” for example. Considering this example, the result may be a bit strange, but the possibilities are endless and you just have to work your imagination and transfer the result to artificial intelligence.

Google announces an artificial intelligence that can create its own original music

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According to an academic report, MusicLM He used a highly trained model associated with Google, with nearly 300,000 hours of music and sound. Depending on the complexity with which you present your artwork, AI can do something more or less original, but of course it has been proven to be able to produce songs from descriptions. And this is a unique advance in the music industry.

Can MusicLM’s artificial intelligence be used?

No at the moment. For now, Google is not considering offering MusicLM openly and for free, as it has done with celebrities recently. ChatGPT. Reasons why the tool is not available? Copyrighted material. Music is one of the most complex and deceptive things on the internet when it comes to rights, and it seems that 1% of the music MusicLM produces contains material directly copied from songs used during development.

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