VK has opened a set of free courses on manual testing and in-depth study of Python. The training will last three months, students will work on real tasks of VK projects.

VK has opened a set of free courses on manual testing and Python

The VK press service announced the beginning of the acceptance of applications for the training program. The company’s experts will conduct courses with an in-depth study of the Python language and manual testing. Applications are accepted until February 20.

In test lessons, students will work with sniffers and the Postman platform, learn how to write checklists and test cases. In Python courses, students learn to use the language library to solve practical problems.

VK invites students and graduates with basic knowledge of testing and the Python language to take courses. The online training will begin in March and will last for three months. The best students will be able to join the VK team as interns or employees.

VK continues to recruit for paid internships in various popular areas.


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