After a tight start to the year with taxes, back-to-school and Christmas expenses, many people quickly go shopping until they can pack up and get their finances back on track.

March is a good opportunity for those who have managed to reorganize themselves despite the congestion or who need a new item. Commerce often puts up special promotions this time of year.

Want to know where the best discounts are? Read the text and save even more by using it Tecmundo coupon.

What is Consumer Bear?

March is Consumer Month because 03/15 is Consumer Day.

It all started in the United States on March 15, 1962, when President John F. Kennedy gave a speech about the rights of those who help get the economy moving. More than 20 years later, the conversation culminated in the creation of International Consumer Rights Day, which has been celebrated around the world since 1983.

In Brazil, the Consumer Protection Law was created in 1991, which established good practices in business dealings and revolutionized the lives of customers.

To celebrate the good relationship with the public, many retailers offer special offers and promotions in March.

How to get the best discounts?

Want to learn how to make the most of these promotions and get your money’s worth in Consumer Month? Pay attention to the tips we have reserved for you:

use discount coupons

Coupons are one of the best ways to save money on online purchases. So, use and abuse this alternative to pay less.

While you have more affordable prices with discount coupons, you can also benefit from advantages such as free shipping, special campaigns for the first purchase and easy payment terms.

Watch out for early salesTrack and compare prices

In order not to lose customers due to systemic problems caused by over-trades, and to give opportunities to those who do not have time to spare, many stores anticipate their campaigns and conduct discount campaigns for a month or a week.

Pay attention to the websites of the brands you want and plan your purchase ahead of time, as well as avoid a lack of number or color options. If you’ve seen that your favorite store is already selling, access: coupon page to take advantage of extra benefits at the time of purchase.

monitor prices

Another good tip to find out if you’re getting a really good discount is to keep track of the price of the item you want to buy or the service you’re considering buying.

Check the values ​​at the end of February and evaluate whether the conditions are really advantageous when the promotion starts in March.

Buy from trusted stores

See user reviews

Trusted online store websites always display nationally and internationally recognized security seals and certificates.

It is also important to check the pages that record consumer complaints, such as report here, reviews about the store, if it’s a brand you don’t know yet. Another good place to inquire is Google’s own reviews tool or reviews and ratings of the store in marketplaces like Mercado Livre or Aliexpress.

Sites with the best promotions of Consumer Month

Some stores are known for the promotions they usually run during Consumer Month. We’ve compiled a list below to help you know where to find the best deals and the types of products and discounts that brands usually offer at this time of year. Check out:


Kabum specializes in computing, mobile phones and electronics, in addition to a full lineup of gamers from accessories, furniture and apparel… In March, the site often offers discounts of up to R$1,000 for laptops and R$400 for video cards . and much more. Widespread coupon couponyou still get free shipping and additional discounts.


Have you ever thought about paying 60% less on your Samsung TV or must-buy home appliance? And you get R$800 discount on washer and dryer?

The brand has aggressive offerings for the Consumer month and samsung coupon You can even earn an extra 10% on your first purchase and make up to 12 interest-free payments on mobile phones.

Bahia Houses:

The discounts that Casas Bahia offers to honor its customers can reach up to 70% per month with the consumer, and since the online store is a marketplace, you can buy a variety of products and almost everything you can buy, not only for home, but also for personal use. consider buying.

If you’re going to take advantage of Consumer Month to make your purchase on the brand’s website, coupon Casas Bahia and get a host of extra benefits.


In addition to Consumer’s Day, Aliexpress also celebrates the month of birth in March. So you saw it, right? There is no shortage of discounts for any type of product.

Want extra benefits? use aliexpress coupon.


Want that sneaker or backpack you’ve been out for a long time at the best price? The time is now…

Nike also offers a number of special offers, usually in March and Nike couponYou go beyond the price cut and you can get an additional 10% if it’s your first purchase, in addition to free shipping and other offers.


Amazon isn’t just about books, ebooks and Alexa. Operating in many parts of the world, this giant e-commerce offers all kinds of domestic and imported products with very attractive campaigns.

In March, the site usually offers special discounts for a week and amazon coupon You can pay up to 60% less on your purchases.

Quick shopping:

If you are looking for high-tech electronics and home appliances, take advantage of the Fast Shop offers.

In addition to the often anticipated promotions, the store often offers discounts of up to 45% on highly sought-after items. get someone fast shopping coupon for extra savings.

cold spot:

Do you want to change your smartphone? Take advantage of Ponto Frio offers for Consumer Month.

Sofas, refrigerators and games are also normally part of the brand’s March sales, and coupon Ponto FrioYou can pay even less.

Now that you know where the best deals are, take advantage of the tips, plan ahead and save on your purchases 🙂

Source: Tec Mundo

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