The Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU) offers access to the ChatGPT chatbot in educational institutions.

The RSUH believes that neural networks, such as ChatGPT, are sensitive to learning. Students do not need to acquire knowledge in full.

The emerging random prospect of operational problem solving includes the possibility of using neural networks in the preparation of written papers (term papers, essays, abstracts, WRC), as well as an increase in the number of initial tasks, cases, calculations, students only independently.

Due to concerns about the negative impact on learning, as well as concerns about security concerns and the high generation of the accumulation system, the restriction of access to ChatGPT in educational organizations may be reduced.

If universities have a main problem associated with plagiarism and dishonest recidivism, then this problem has now been successfully solved in the educational community before the emergence of a new challenge related to the identification of neural networks and artificial intelligence in scientific and educational activities. Russian and foreign experts express their concerns about infected problems, and find a worthy way out – the main task of the scientific community.

— RSUH statements

Previously, a student of this university wrote a thesis in 23 hours using ChatGPT and received 82% originality. He increased the diploma by “satisfactory”. [ТАСС]

Source: Iphones RU

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