Amaya is alive. This is the first and fundamental answer that snow girl, from Netflix, in its latest chapter. But the big question mark about the fate of the missing girl has ceased to be the only one that put the series as it developed. While Miren (Milena Smith) becomes involved in this case, she discovers that the disappearance is a journey into dirty worlds, some of which are connected to her traumatic past. The end of the setting allows both narrative lines to connect at one point.

The film adaptation of the work of the same name by Javier Castillo was released on Netflix in the form of a brilliant six-episode performance. The challenge of squeezing the mystery of the crime without evidence and leading to more sinister possibilities resulted in a complex story. Apart from the usual expectation, it is also reflection on human natureviolence and emotional suffering.

Each of these main themes snow girl They were part of the great final chapter. The plot answered all the questions it raised, and on top of that, it deftly explored the bleak setting. What began with the apparent kidnapping of Amaya during the Three Kings Parade in Malaga ended in a more confusing event. Everything came to a logical and well-told conclusion.

A clue maze that leads to two locations in snow girl

Recall that the police immediately launched an investigation into what happened to the missing girl. But he approached it from the general point of view that the culprit must necessarily be a close family member. Which pointed directly to David Luke (Tristan Ulloa), close to the victim’s parents.

But it soon became clear that the main suspect had nothing to do with the crime with which it begins. snow girl. However, Miren and her former script partner Eduardo (Jose Coronado) have amassed clues about dark situations involving missing children. Gradually, the name Luke began to have a direct relationship with networks that distribute pornographic videos. What is even harder, with a very serious situation that Miren went through in the past.

However, the efforts of journalists have led to nothing. The reference to Luca’s involvement in the sex video network has nothing to do with what actually happened to the girl. But yes, with a handful of older and more twisted circumstances. For his fourth chapter, snow girl brings together memories he had previously shown bits of information he hinted at in a single narrative thread.

Snow Girl, Netflix Series

A thread that seems to hold all the pieces together

How is all of the above related? Through Miren, who was sexually abused many years ago, with no answers as to who did it. Much worse: he was ridiculed for posting a rape video.

The journalist, convinced that the reaction to Amaya’s disappearance may be related to sexual crimes against children, goes even further in this direction. What will make her discover that Luque and his son are responsible for the brutal crime she suffered..

snow girl This showed that Mirena’s insistence on following the line of pedophilia investigation was wrong for unraveling what happened to Amaya, but it was necessary. At the same time, her obsession with the little girl’s cause was linked to her traumas, which pushed her to seek urgent answers. Finally, he not only finds them, but also exposes Luke.

snow girl and the search that never stops

But Amaya’s unknown whereabouts remain unresolved. This will only be achieved in the fifth episode, which is featured in memory to marriage with infertility problems. Both go to Ana (Loreto Mauleon), Amaya’s mother, in her desperate attempts to conceive a child. They are Santiago (Julian Villagran) and Iris (Cecilia Freire). The plot follows, in a short sequence, the couple’s frustration and their countless attempts to become parents.

But it also does something else. The plot then shifts to a suspicious image of Iris and Santiago right in the middle of the crowd where Amaya disappeared. From that moment on, events accelerate. Iris finds the girl missing and crying. At first, it seems that his intention is only to comfort herbut later decides to take her with him. The closest and fastest solution she finds to her obsession with motherhood.

Finally, snow girl reveals that the alleged kidnapping is actually an act of desperation. The marriage saves Amaya, changes her name to Julia, and eventually makes her his de facto daughter. Even when Santiago decides to come clean about what happened and dies in an accident, Iris will remain convinced that she “made the right decision”.

In the end, all clues lead to an emotional conclusion.

One of the most interesting moments snow girl is that it avoids the use of red herrings. In fact, both the path taken by Miren and Eduardo in the investigations and the end result that led to the finding of the girl are valid.

In the context of history, traveling along parallel lines of information is necessary not only to understand the scope of the conflict. Also carefully analyze their characters, pains and fears.

snow girl

When a young journalist finally finds the house where Iris kept Amaya, that’s more than a point. It’s also a response to the long search for truth, which has been about the show’s sense of urgency. One of its finest elements, and no doubt what distinguishes its thorough argumentation from other similar stories.

In her final episodes, Amaya’s parents try to contact their daughter even though she is traumatized and confused. Of course, the whole thing becomes a book written by Miren, aptly titled snow girl. Without any unfinished endings to regret, the adaptation completes its journey – at least in this case – flawlessly.

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