Netflix It is one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world, and with a Premium subscription, users can enjoy a much more intense and enhanced viewing experience. In addition, with the option to download content, it is possible to watch programs and movies without an internet connection without compromising the quality of the contracted services. Subscribers don’t have access to a wider selection of exclusive content, but the video quality is excellent, much higher than usual, and can be played on multiple devices simultaneously. Although perhaps this “negotiation” will end soon…

‘Spatial audio’ permanently on Netflix

This new feature netflix premium spatial sound. But what is spatial sound? Basically, spatial audio is being able to enjoy the best sound quality experience available. A sound that can literally blow your head off if you go too far in volume. You will now be able to enjoy watching movies and series in the streaming platform’s catalog as never before.

“Netflix’s spatial audio brings this surround and cinematic audio experience to any device without the need for additional equipment,” said the company itself, who offered a promotional video from Netflix to appreciate the differences between regular audio and spatial audio. :

Not all content on Netflix has spatial sound, just as not all movies and TV shows in its catalog can be watched in 4K. However, the company has announced that there are more than 700 titles with this new Premium functionality. stranger thingsSeries Wednesday Addams or the last Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mysterygoverning rian johnson.

A way to regain user trust

Streaming company Netflix was in the middle of the hurricane due to the crisis it has recently fallen into. As market competition intensified with the entry of new players, Netflix lost its leading position in the streaming market. In addition, the pandemic has increased the demand for content, causing production costs to rise and the quality of Netflix originals to decline. Despite these challenges, the company continues to invest in new shows and movies and has announced ambitious plans to expand its global presence. However, only time will tell if these efforts will be enough to keep Netflix at the top of the market.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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