The founder of Group-IB, Ilya Sachkov, who is in jail, named several events that, in his opinion, will take place in 2023. This is an increase in fraud in the travel industry, an increase in leaks of personal data, massive infections of devices with new Android Trojans and others. Ilya Sachkov was arrested in September 2021 for a case of high treason, since then he has been in a pre-trial detention center.

Group-IB founder Ilya Sachkov predicted an increase in malvertising and data breaches in 2023

Group-IB founder Ilya Sachkov, who was arrested in a treason case, published a post on his Telegram channel listing the events that, in his opinion, will take place in 2023.

“It seems to me that most events will occur in six months, and each will determine the importance for itself,” Sachkov wrote.

According to Sachkov, this year is worth the wait:

  • an increase in the number of personal data leaks, including fake leaks;
  • an increase in the number of attacks on video surveillance systems and smart homes of politicians and top managers of Russian state-owned companies, their personal devices and their relatives, as well as service personnel;
  • ransomware attacks on oil-related logistics as well as Russian space-related companies and research institutes;
  • “most likely” blocking one of the Russian voice assistants;
  • the growth of malvertising, phishing in the travel industry;
  • “interesting botnets” in domestic operating systems, mass infections of users in Russia with new Android Trojans, a doubling in sales of “remote access to Russian companies”.

Ilya Sachkov uses a Telegram channel to post posts from the pre-trial detention center. Earlier, he described the condition for the “reverse relocation” of IT specialists. According to the businessman, in order for IT specialists to return to Russia, it is necessary to ensure their need for security.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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