Although everything indicates that the young Valentina Trespalacios was changed by the murderer of the crime scene, District Attorney John Poulos ordered a thorough inspection of apartment 802 of the Kappadocia Building.

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The waiter on the floor pointed out that the floor was being swept. However, as well as mattresses and baths The market cart where the body was to be transported was sprayed with the chemical Blue Star to look for fingerprints and biological prints.

EL TIEMPO accepted the description of where Valentina believed Poulos would take her to live. But it was rented for just three days for $700, about 3,200,000 Colombian pesos.

On Saturday night, January 21, the DJ video-called a relative and showed him the place:

The apartment was on the eighth floor. He had a room with a private bathroom and the closet was big. Then there was another room with a smaller bathroom and no television.said the relative.

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And I add: “In the middle of the two rooms was the guest bathroom. Then there was the room with two pieces of furniture: one large, the other small with a dark blue. There was one wall and the other side was the dining room with a mirror affixed to the wall.. Then there was the kitchen and terrace where everything was, and next to the dining room was the door”.

The waiter of the place reassures that Poulos was late in delivering the flat: “At that moment I understand that he was not Colombian and was a foreigner because he was talking to me by signs, after about 15 minutes he got off the tram they used to unload the suitcases, it was full of loose clothes without suitcases because he had put it in the car moments ago (…) he placed the clothes in the front passenger seat of the car, got out of the car and told me gave the keys”.

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And although the 802 was cleared, forensic experts checked every corner. In fact, they focused on a stain they found on the mattress and bathroom drains to look for biological traces.

The same procedure was done with the market cart, as confirmed by the videos. Poulos manipulated Valentina into putting her body in a blue suitcase of his own.

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Outside Forensic findings will emerge at the trial stage to demand that the American be sentenced to 40 years in prison for aggravated femicide and destruction and concealment of evidence.

As EL TIEMPO guessed, the tape that the murdered young woman used to seal the suitcase with her head is the key.

Poulos carried in his trunk When he was detained in Panama, he was trying to hop on to Turkey, with his final destination Montenegro.

This information, found by the EL TIEMPO research team, attracted the attention of officials from two more countries.

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In fact, his record in the United States is under scrutiny, even though the Christian church that Poulos attended issued him a “well-doing” letter.His ex-wife had already stated that she had legal restrictions during the separation phase.

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