The Ozon market provided sellers with the opportunity to purchase goods with a deferred payment. The press service of the company informed about the new service.

Ozon allows sellers to buy goods with deferred payment

The “Money for Purchases” service allows entrepreneurs to take a deferral for a period of 30 to 90 days. Commission and limits are calculated based on automated scoring (credit scoring system). The service will analyze the seller’s history on the site, the period of work and sales dynamics.

The scheme works as follows: the marketplace makes a payment to the supplier or manufacturer, and the store returns it when a sufficient amount appears on the balance.

At the same time, the new service does not require collateral and does not record data in the credit history. According to Ozon Fintech CEO Vahe Ovasapyan, the service will help merchants quickly increase turnover.

You can request access to the service in your personal account in the “Finance” section or on the Ozon Factoring platform. Conditions: you must have the status of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity and work experience on the site for at least three months.

In January, the market announced its entry into the Kyrgyz market. The company has already opened a representative office and a sorting center in Bishkek and has started building a logistics infrastructure.

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Natalia Gormaleva

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