“Quartet I” has long established itself as well-thought-out jokes and interesting dialogues.

And now their new film was released on Russian screens – “What Men Talk About. Simple pleasures.” In nature, they meet with external parts, but have moved away from the usual railways.

We have already reviewed the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Why is it so boring?

What I liked about the past parts of the series is the collection of collections. These were a kind of road movies that practically did not cure anything. Almost.

What the movie is about: it was back in 2019… Having met on a Saturday morning to drink champagne, the friends embark on a new journey through the depths of the male subconscious. What are the men talking about? Of course, personally.

Lesha is trying to understand whether “female friendship” exists, Kamil discusses whether it is possible to fire his best friend, Slava, a womanizer, remembers his first love (or was it not her?), and Sasha discovers the loss of his father and the ability to live and wait for the next new day.

And also, walking around the city center, looking at friends, how to screw in a light bulb so that she is satisfied, what candid photos scream about on social networks, and what is chevapchichi. They return to the conversation about the eternal, and about the personal, and about every aftermath … in short, about everything.

The plot is as simple as possible, the plots have nothing to talk about. They constantly change topics and even reveal them. If earlier they discussed banal questions, but in different scenery, now they are persistently going on, but not in dialogues. This is the weakest part of the film.

All discussions often lead to below the belt jokes. For example:

Me at 12 years old d**l.

probable jokes but they are set so planethat no one appreciates it.

What men are talking about again, what is the meaning of life, according to Quartet I – about grown-up heroes with all the problems and problems that they have. Only the level of their reasoning slides into the abyss. They cannot be taken into consideration even these questions.

I can hardly say that the main interests have something to talk about. The essence of non-perception of value, cinema does not even cure the diseases of established issues.

At the same time, the scriptwriters do not change the main direction. The same Lyosha continues to complain that his wife suspects him of infidelity (and this is already the 3rd film in a row).

In many scenes, there seems to be a screenwriter without a professional screenwriter. Either the pace is lightning-fast forward, then it stops for 10 minutes. are felt colossal pauses between dialogues. Often returns to monologues, there are no cases of infection with different sides and diseases of points of view.

Many discussions are not completed. They do not have a competent excitement, the characters stupidly blame everything and nothing at once.

spatial themes rise in history. It should be noted how to drink whiskey and other drinks.

It’s hard to talk about something like this. But before this story, “What Men Talk About” did not slide into banal things. They discussed more pressing issues and turned them upside down.

Yes, and even if it concerns action, then the mass went, apparently, along proven tracks, but at the same time, the authors throw in some changes in the plot. For example, a sharp exit from a train at another station or a car drove into a ditch.

And if this movie is compared to their past masterpieces, like “Radio Day” or “Election Day”, then what do we have left? Jokes faded into the background, and the actors “scored” in their roles? Not quite so, but at least Leonid Barats, the Boy, “pleasantly smelling unisex”, remained in the same image.

And so you can dig into literally everything.

Visual does not play video here

As in all previous Quartet I films, the visual component is made purely for the lanterns. The movie doesn’t stop it from playing.

What happens in the background usually goes for the entourage. However, it did not occur at all in the development of the plot.

But the main picture of the problem is that the audience simply does not have to allow the transmission of thought. The authors at least a little impersonate creative activity.

The end result is mediocre humor, a bad story, incoherent plot elements, and weak visuals. The last one didn’t work at all.

Most of the paintings focus on the faces of Sasha (Alexander Demidov) or Slava (Rostislav Khait), who have many women and everything is always fine.

Better revisit past movies

“Quartet I” is a legendary team that was able to capture attention. But in the last picture, they seem to have decided to do nothing.

If earlier they tried to make a good joke, now the quality of humor has slipped to the modern KVN. Flat, tight and stretched. No wonder they chose 2019 – this is the last time for a serene pastime. Next comes COVID and other events. But it cannot be said that the authors really focused on simple things – even now they cannot focus their attention on them.

And if earlier they could raise the topic, now their work is felt as a spatial phenomenon. Go to the cinema or not – the choice is yours.

Source: Iphones RU

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