Vostok UNO-VN035

At the end of last year, we wrote that the domestic Vostok project, which involves the release of programmable controllers similar to Arduino, seems to be frozen, but, as it is being held, this is not at all the case.

To be more precise, the controllers were purchased at OZON (the seller is the official manufacturer represented by Novator LLC), as well as Linux Center at a price reduction from 5850 to 8580 rubles, although the recommended retail price, announced back in October last year, is 5940 rubles. .

These controllers with model number UNO-VN035 are in the December 2022 batch, due to which the controllers have already been received by some organizations for special purposes, customers, pre-order representatives and optical customers.

Vostok UNO-VN035Vostok UNO-VN035

As representatives of the Vostok platform clarified, preparations are already underway for the launch of the next batch of Vostok UNO-VN035 products and, in addition, the range of products is expanding – we are talking not only about programmable controllers, but also about universal interface modules.

As for the production price, it turned out that the rather high offer price of 5940 rubles is significantly, the high consumption price of the Arduino type, due to a small batch of raw materials, but after the controller enters the plastic case and the output increases, its price will be significantly reduced.

Regarding the data on the freezing of the project, discovered in the fall, in the East they did not particularly comment on anything, they eliminated their remark “the author’s creative fantasy and the autumn blues” and clarified that everyone who wished found the design without any problems pre-order.

Source: Tech Cult

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