Good morning! To stay updated this Saturday (04), Technology World took apart everything that happened this week (30 Jan – 3 Feb). In addition to various news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games was also very active during this period.

On Monday alone (30), we reported that a former Facebook employee claimed that the social network was drawing energy from cell phone batteries. On Wednesday (01), Samsung Galaxy S23 . This Friday (03), voxel He reported that Xbox should end the production and distribution of games in physical environments in Brazil.

This was just an appetizer of everything rocking! Check out everything that matters most during the week below. To access all the news, just click on the links below.

1. A former employee says Facebook is draining cell phone batteries. According to the former Facebook employee, this practice to drain users’ batteries is made in the name of ‘helping the masses’.

2. The shop shows which GPU brands are failing the most; see the ranking. The report evaluated nearly 300 GPUs returned over a two-year period and brands’ agility in serving customers.

3. Netflix: See how paid password sharing works. Netflix has explained how the extra fee will work for those who share the profile with more people. The innovation will be launched by the company in March.

4. Samsung Galaxy S23 launched in Brazil; see prices. New Samsung mobiles bringing a special processor have already arrived in Brazil! Check prices and more details.

5. Anatel launched the ‘Qual Empresa Me Ligagou’ website; knowing how to use it. The platform makes it possible to determine the CNPJ and corporate name of companies that abuse telemarketing calls.

6. Realistic models created by AI ‘threat’ OnlyFans; See the photos. Sexy images created by artificial intelligence software confused Twitter users this week; Check out.

7. Journalist and Globo presenter Glória Maria has died. Throughout her career, Glória Maria has worked in Globo’s main journalism programs, including Jornal Nacional and Fantástico.

8. Covid-19: What’s going on in China? According to Chinese officials from the National Health Commission, 59,938 deaths from covid-19 were recorded between December 8, 2022 and January 12, 2023.

9. [Exclusivo] Xbox: games on physical media must end in Brazil. According to sources Voxel heard, the company should bet on digital media games from now on.

10. Clay tablets help translate the ‘lost’ Canaanite language. Tablets found in Iraq reveal the secrets of a ‘lost’ Canaanite language with strong similarities to ancient Hebrew.

Source: Tec Mundo

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