The investment company Anderida Financial Group conducted a survey of 1.5 thousand Russians, which showed that the “dream salary” should be at the level of 181 thousand rubles per month, and this is the amount that will allow you to exist “comfortably.”

The “dream salary” of Russians rose to a record 181 thousand rubles a month

The real average salary in Russia, reminds TASS, which has become acquainted with the study, is less than 60 thousand rubles.

At the same time, a third of the population (35%) claims to be satisfied with their income level. Another third admit that their salaries are not enough for a comfortable life.

According to the majority of the survey participants, it would be better to receive 15-20 thousand rubles more (but some also mentioned the amount of 30-40 thousand rubles).

“During the year, the expectations of Russians have grown by 12 thousand rubles or 7%. In previous years, the growth dynamics was at the level of 10%”, says the analytical summary of the survey.

Experts separately emphasize that this level of “dream salary” is a record for all years of research.

Among the reasons for such takeoff, they point to a general rise in the price of goods in all segments, “uncertainty in the future” and the absence of a financial “airbag” among a large number of respondents.

The survey showed that 65% of Russians do not have enough savings for at least 3 months. In order to save, they need to earn 15-20 thousand rubles more, they say.

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Analysts also calculated that citizens who left Russia are in even greater demand for a “dream salary” (205 thousand rubles), since their monthly expenses are on average 15-25% higher.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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