Almost two decades later, Ford decided to return to Formula 1, which symbolizes a radical change in the polypack. According to CEO Jim, the EV share has once again become an “incredibly in-demand platform” for testing innovative solutions and technologies in the field of electric motors and software for them. It was a whole segment, the leader of the world and the leading Ford.

Ford’s return to racing began with the creation of a hybrid powertrain for the Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri teams. They have already mentioned the game of Ford engines in their cars between 2026 and 2030. Same Ford bet develops kits

The decision is partly forced, because Ford does not yet have ready solutions for racing, but the Red Bull Racing team has lost its former partner in the person of Honda. The company officially parted ways with Formula 1 back in late 2021 but agreed to comply with Red Bull Racing until 2026 when it gets a new hybrid engine. In the same way, the Honda was removed, so that the lower element and the electric motor were removed from it.

Source: Tech Cult

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