A two-day “cooling off period” for suspicious transfers, appreciation of the ruble against major currencies, Yves Rocher put its flagship store in central Moscow up for sale and other events on February 6.

Applicants of the Volkswagen plant in Kaluga, the strengthening of the ruble: the main thing February 6


  • Russian universities will double budget places in IT specialties by 2023. Companies prefer to hire certified employees than self-taught ones, Vedomosti writes.


  • The Central Bank of the Russian Federation intends to introduce a two-day “cooling-off period” for suspicious transfers. The bill has passed interdepartmental approval.
  • In the first half of the year, the ruble will strengthen against major currencies: by June, the dollar exchange rate will be 65 rubles, Alexander Sidorov, an analyst at AlfaStrakhovanie-Life, predicted to RB.RU.


  • Frenchman Yves Rocher put up for sale a flagship store in the center of Moscow. The deal with the buyer must be approved by the government commission, which complicates the search for applicants.
  • As a result of Russia’s withdrawal of large foreign platforms – Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music – in 2022, the music streaming market for the first time decreased by 30% to 50%, to 7 billion rubles, reported Kommersant.
  • The lack of graphics processors (GPU) from Nvidia can slow down Yandex projects for the development of drones and artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Sergey Ashin, CEO of Chefmarket recipe food delivery service, launched a computer software development company.
  • AFK Sistema is interested in buying a plant of the German automaker Volkswagen in Kaluga. A Kazakhstan company, Allur, was also involved in the deal, Kommersant learned.


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