Last night (5), the 65th Grammy Awards took place and after much anticipation from the Brazilians, Carioca Anitta did not win the Artist of Revelation award House. Before awards, large special vehicles, for example Billboard, SET This forbesbet on the Brazilian singer after the hit to involve Get global charts.

Despite the strong crowd of Brazilians, this one wasn’t for the Girl from Rio. Artista Revelação’s coveted gramophone went to jazz singer Samara Joy, who also won the award for best jazz album with vocals.

When last year’s reveal Olivia Rodrigo announced the winner, fans rushed to social media. Anitta’s defeat was among the hottest topics of the night and of course spawned a lot of memes. Check out the best:

negative reactions

But Anitta’s defeat also led to cross-border reactions. After winning the category, Samara Joy made a post on her Instagram account celebrating the trophy. Within minutes, the broadcast received a lot of comments from Brazilians, who cursed the singer for beating Anitta.

After the negative comments, other Brazilians also commented on the post and apologized for the behavior of the fans. Singer Anitta has yet to comment on the subject.

Source: Tec Mundo

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