The year 2023 has come and many people are waiting for the improvements of the phones that use this feature. android operating system. According to the information obtained, there are some developments that seem clear that they will be a part of smartphones containing software developed by Google.

Frankly, one of the things that will mark this year for the phones we are talking about will be the arrival of Android 14. spades new functions to make your terminals attractive compared to others. And among the expected, there are five developments that stand out from the others in our opinion.

What’s new for Android phones in 2023

We show you the options that we believe will be standardized on phones running the Google operating system, but as always the way to implement it would be this: first getting to high-end terminals and then the rest that gradually integrate Android. .

Better gesture navigation

This is something that has been requested by users for a long time. It is true that this possibility exists in the Google operating system, but far from perfectly optimized (Furthermore, those who have radically cast him aside are not few.) The important thing is that the errors that cause you to come back are gone, because this is something that happens regularly.

Android phone startup


One solution is to perform an intermediate and quick step to preview what will happen when a move is made. It was even seen that Google is working to implement this possibility on Android. Moreover, quite necessary Gesture navigation on Android is much more fluid in both the OS and apps. And that’s how it will be in 2023.

Desktop mode will become essential

Google, which has been working to offer this to Android users for a while, has a lot of work to do here. Nothing has been officially revealed to date, but 2023 could be the year that happens. Companies like Samsung or Huawei have their own business and the truth is The benefit is undeniable..

Being able to work with the computer like a laptop is a great solution, and the power of many phones is more than enough for browsers and applications to not cause any problems. If this is standardized, many they will not find it necessary to move the laptop from one place to another and you have everything you need to work with a screen, keyboard and mouse.

satellite connection on android

Although Apple is not the first company to integrate this possibility into a smartphone, it has given its approval. The truth is that everything points to it Most of the high-end models coming in 2023, especially after mid-yearwill offer this functionality. It’s not meant to be standard, but it will function and might be perfect for those on the road or those who like extreme sports.

satellite flying in space


Widgets on the lock screen

It’s something that’s been part of Android for quite some time, but its use hasn’t exactly spread. Everything indicates that the new version of Google’s development will affect take advantage of this opportunity. And as such, it aims to be something that will be common in Android terminals.

advanced backup

Another long-standing demand. In order for Google to properly make a backup copy of Android, it is requested that they allow the use of their services and that is possible. make changes to the smartphone without losing anything (and that costs less work). While the claim that this will happen in 2023 does not seem like a logical and striking thing, it will be a vital development.

In our opinion, this will be the main thing that will reach terminals with Android operating system. But, of course, there will be more like this for many to try. emulate new iPhone’s Dynamic Island or an important step in the use of cameras in social networks (constant quality is mentioned).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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