One of the things that seems very clear Is Elon Musk for Twitter? half of this company’s revenue for a decent future subscriptions what they believe (or at least that’s what he told his company employees). Blue is a reality in different regions like Spain and Data where things are known to not go the way the codec wants.

The truth is, the interest Twitter has to pay pay back loans Musk’s social network purchase orders are very significant (the amount is believed to be one billion per year). So, options like getting Blue or more relevant colored badges—like gold badges for companies that cost no less than $1,000 a month—are some of the options. Ideas you must have to get the desired income.

Numbers not enough for Twitter

The data disclosed makes it clear that for now, Twitter Blue is not the success Elon Musk expected. It is true that moving from a free model to a paid model is always complicated, but if the information is correct Got a lot to work and row For the well-known social network. We say this because Only 180,000 users in the US would decide to pay the monthly fee in January to get the blue badge and other improvements (like uploading longer videos and 1080p resolution).

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We’re talking about 0.2% of all Twitter users in that country, so we’re dealing with clearly insufficient numbers. However, things do not improve if those paying outside the US are also added. The number in this case is 290,000 people. Again, bad data will be confirmed for what we’re talking about. a turnover of 27.8 million dollars per year. It doesn’t even come close to meeting the company’s needs.

Will time be the solution?

It’s clear that Twitter Blue didn’t have a very long market run, as it was when it started working effectively after the first problems in December 2022 (and moreover, not in all countries). Then, we have to wait for everything to normalize and also for users to see what they get attractive improvements. And this is where the company can move forward. Because if options continue to be added to the payment service, a change in trend is likely. But, frankly, all this remains to be seen.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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