The Association of Internet Commerce Companies (AKIT) has proposed selling alcohol online using QR codes. It is planned to control the age of buyers by identifying two factors.

Business offered to sell alcohol online using QR codes

The buyer will need to go through confirmation through the utility portal, then receive a QR code and present it to the courier at the time of delivery of the goods, Izvestia writes.

AKIT added that now in Russia the remote sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. According to the Ministry of Finance, the volume of alcohol sales on the Internet is 2-3 billion rubles a year.

Experts believe that it is ten times larger, while the market continues to grow in line with consumer demand. For example, in 2020-2022, alcohol billing on the network increased by 40%.

The development of online alcohol sales will be an important measure to support domestic producers, Ozon said. Sbermarket added that the company has all the necessary IT capabilities and technologies to ensure the transparency of the sale of alcohol online.

In December 2022, it is planned to expand the experiment on the online sale of wine to marketplaces. It should be launched in November 2023. The trading houses of Russian wine producers can also participate in the experiment. It will last until July 31, 2026. Buyers will need to verify their age: show their passport to the courier or use the Unified Identification and Authentication System.

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Source: RB

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