Children’s clothing manufacturer and retailer Gulliver plans to launch clothing collections for women. The company is already looking for a lead builder and designer on

Children’s retailer Gulliver plans to launch a women’s clothing collection

They will be involved in developing basic clothing designs, including outerwear, creating collections, sketching and studying new trends, Kommersant learned. The company did not respond to a request from the publication.

According to experts, Gulliver has developed logistics, production facilities and a team to expand the range. In addition, women are the main buyers of children’s clothing stores, so entering a new segment will allow the company to expand its audience and increase the average bill with adequate sales traffic.

However, in the women’s clothing segment, there is already high competition among local manufacturers. In addition, Gulliver will be able to maintain expertise, logistics and access to quality raw materials in the face of tightening sanctions that complicate development opportunities for many clothing manufacturers and sellers in Russia.

The manufacturer and seller of women’s clothing Lime, for example, intends to launch lines for men and children, the owner of the brands Zarina, Befree, Sela, Love Republic -Melon Fashion Group- is also expanding the format of stores and the assortment of some of their brands. Shoe retailers Munz Group (Thomas Munz and Salamander chains) and Ralf Ringe also plan to launch clothing lines.


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