This Artificial intelligenceSooner or later it will be everywhere. It’s just a matter of time. There are companies that are already taking steps to get started. integrate products and an example Microsoft just announced already working on launch for everyone Bing search service and Edge browser with this option. And always hand in hand with OpenAI (or ChatGPT as it is).

This Microsoft’s millionaire investment This recently announced project was obviously not in vain. By integrating the Artificial Intelligence options in its search engine and the browser integrated into Windows, it aimed to take an important step to surpass Google in its field. And the truth is that such a change of rudder is needed to compete with the Mountain View giant because without going any further, the Redmond search service is currently only 9% quota. There is much to improve.

New services coming from Microsoft

It’s not yet possible to download and test both developments (you can sign up to test Bing with AI at this link), but basically what the North American company will be doing is integrating AI into both products so that users can communicate with themselves much more efficiently and, in principle, achieve much more accurate and effective results.. To do this, it will include everything from sidebars to custom buttons for accessing new functions (and in some cases, there is a redesign of the UI).

New Bing search engine with Artificial Intelligence

Smart Life

Therefore, it can be said that the ability to chat with both Bing and Microsoft Edge, so communication is more natural and using both services is easier if voice recognition is used. However, in addition to this, the following statements were made from the company managed by Satya Nadella: LLM engine They will have much more to use (Large Language Model) in their product, which they call Prometheus. more powerful than basic ChatGPT, accessible to everyone. In this way, more precise and relevant results are expected, but always with due care due to failures due to erroneous information that can be found in information sources – this is the biggest ‘must’ that Intelligence has at the moment. , everything must be said.

New Edge browser with Artificial Intelligence


With this, Microsoft can challenge Google

Well, that’s not a bad step at all, and moreover, it’s the right one because the application of Artificial Intelligence to software is something that will gradually normalize – and this, if used well, could mean a turning point. use of technology-. Obviously, Google will respond with Bard, which was reported yesterday, but the truth is that right now it seems Microsoft takes the lead. So it can close the gap.

Also this is very beneficial for the Redmond company, as predicted every percentage point you earn in the market (not so much in browsers), this could mean: $2 billion in annual revenue growth from advertising. And that’s no small thing… and more than enough reason to try to close the gap with Google.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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