While Netflix briefly paused their plan against shared accounts to differentiate strategy by region, today they detailed their ultimate crusade. The video streaming platform has announced how it intends to put an end to this practice: to attack the pockets of subscribers. From today, Netflix will charge an additional €5.99 per month for each person who uses the account outside of your home.

Obviously, this fee only applies to the “Standard” and “Premium” plans, which are the only ones that can be shared. Another issue to consider is that if the system has determined that a person is using an account away from home, an additional account will be automatically created. They will be able to access the service with their email address and password. However, the collection will be managed through the main profile. Thus, the latter will be fully responsible for making the payment.

Be careful, Netflix has set a limit on the additional accounts that can be linked to the main profile. For the standard plan, it will be possible to add only one person who lives away from home, while Premium accepts no more than two. As such, Netflix is ​​preventing some users from taking advantage of the new strategy because the price of a subaccount is still cheaper than a full subscription.

“Subscribers to our Standard or Premium plans in many countries can add “sub-accounts” for up to two people they don’t live with. Each of these sub-accounts will have its own profile, personal recommendations, username and password for an additional fee of 5.99 euros per month per person (in Spain).”


Now, if you share your account with people who live in the same house, you have nothing to worry about. The subscription price will not increase.

What if I’m traveling or visiting a close friend and want to use my account away from home? Relax, Netflix won’t charge you the extra €5.99 because the withdrawal is temporary. While they have not delved into how their system works, we suspect they will check how long it has been since the last time you connected to your main home network.

“As always, subscribers will be able to watch Netflix on their personal devices or sign in on another TV (such as a hotel or rental property).”


Source: Hiper Textual

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