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These are the “controversial” traffic lights in the DGT sight


With different traffic lights, both pedestrians and vehicles can pass through different intersections and zones, thus adhering to the rules of the road, but in certain circumstances, even when they are fully observed, problems can arise due to priority issues, and here they enter the equation as called conflicting traffic lights that are proliferating in Spain and have already been eliminated in many parts of Europea.

To understand the situation, a pedestrian can pass through a zone regulated by a green traffic light, but on one side of the vehicle a yellow traffic light is on, indicating that it is possible to cross while there is no pedestrian. They’re more dangerous than traffic lights because the passage of pedestrians in green coincides with the possibility that a vehicle may also pass in amberand here many accidents occur.

And recently Safer Roads Foundation (SRF) through El Correo has concluded that this type of flashing amber for drivers it was very dangerous for pedestrians and now they have set their sights on Spain as one of the few countries in Europe that still keeps them on many roads.


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They note that it is necessary to avoid the situation when pedestrians cross the road on a green light, while vehicles start moving when they see a flashing yellow light.

Despite the Deputy Deputy Director of the DGT Appeal, Ann Whiteit says that “The problem with these crossings is that conflicting messages are sent due to the coincidence of the green phase of the pedestrian, in which he has priority, with the flashing amber phase, allowing vehicles to pass in the absence of pedestrians.”, which ultimately creates a dangerous situation.

For this reason, he notes that DGT recommendations are given to improve safety at these pointsFor example, do not use them in non-intersection areas or in right-turn areas for vehicles on roads with more than one lane. In these latter cases, the green phase for pedestrian crossings must be the same as the red phase for vehicles.

And one of the first cities to eliminate the yellow phase at many intersections in the city was Burgos, and they plan to eliminate many more to avoid possible accidents at these intersections.

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