In Russia, 30% of citizens tried to get a job above their level of competence. Most of the new employees learned the skills necessary for a new opening at their current place of employment, another 11% tried to find work through friends or family. This is evidenced by the data of a survey conducted by and the online university of profitable education Skypro, RB.RU got acquainted with the results.

Almost 70% of Russians are willing to change their profession for a salary increase

The most promising and profitable areas, according to the respondents, are information technology and marketing. Almost one in five citizens of the country tried to pass an interview in marketing, another 14% got a job in an IT company.

Every second respondent admitted that the transition to a new sphere was successful, and for 43% of respondents, the attempt was unsuccessful.

According to analysts, 68% of respondents are ready to change professions in the presence of a guaranteed salary increase, and 28% are ready to take this step to work in a new industry.

According to the survey results, young professionals are called for interviews more frequently. 59% say they often receive interview invitations. Another third of candidates are invited less often than they expect. With age, the proportion of people who are more likely to receive positive reactions to feedback decreases.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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