One of the most annoying things for those who have terminals Android in most cases they are installed completely useless apps (commonly known as Bloatware). And worst of all, it is very difficult or impossible to remove them from the operating system. It looks like Google will take action on this and this will be over. Finally!

comes with information First Android 14 Developer Preview released, will be official before the end of this year, and the operating system that most modern terminals will receive (the first, as always, is Google’s Pixel). The thing is, there is a chapter The development of Mountain View company will make phone owners very happy, because It will let you get rid of unused apps and that it doesn’t matter if they’re on a phone or tablet.

Will the end of bloatware be possible on Android?

Whether it’s due to a pre-installation from the manufacturer of the purchased device or just some additions to the background of the carrier with which the Internet access is contracted, everything indicates that there will be a gadget in Android 14. simply uninstall unnecessary apps and without having to resort to complex actions (like rooting or unprotecting the computer, which is always a danger).

Remove Bloatware on Android 14


The functionality will be in the Apps section of the Android operating system’s Settings as stated in the info source. This is called Background-installed Applications and allows recognition of all included without user installation. In this way, they will be able to from rearranging to deleting, easily and without any danger to your phone or tablet. The text you see in the picture before this paragraph is very self explanatory: “Any application listed here is not necessary for the normal operation of your mobile. You can uninstall applications that you do not want.“. White and bottled, as is often said.

Frankly, it seems that those loaded from stores such as the Play Store, Aptoide or Gallery from Huawei will not appear in the list. Therefore, there will be no doubt whether it is something that is really necessary. Like that good job by google.

something that should already be

This function is one of the functions that users have been demanding for a long time and moreover rightly, if it finally comes with Android 14. Unlike what happens with Apple’s iOS, bloatware is common in Google’s operating system. And the truth is each person should have as much control over their device as possibleand apps are a clear example of this. So good news.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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