if there is one thing that is very clear Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, they’ve been looking for all possible ways to generate revenue.. This is unlikely to be easy to achieve as interest on the money invested in the purchase has to be paid and for example the Blue subscription is not going as expected with the company at the moment. The thing is, it seems another possible source of money foundand we will tell you what it is.

This has to do with something that has been talked about for a long time: API management for social network access. They decided to cut him off from Twitter in the first place so that third party companies could not do business with him … especially considering that no payment was made for it. Complaints are not expected and the company stated that a solution was sought in this regard, which had just been announced.

As long as it goes through the box, access will be granted.

The first thing the company did was delay the outage. API access until we see how he responds to those complaints. Like this, Extended until February 13, 2023 The date the API became available. At the time, it was not specified whether it was already clear how to grant access to those who wish to use it. Something has changed today and the news is not very good.

What the company decides, those who want You will have to pay $100 per month to access the basic Twitter API. It doesn’t seem crazy and many companies will be able to afford it… But there is a problem, what can be done with this type of option at the moment is unknown because now Musk from the firm led by Elon Nothing explained about what ‘essential’ means. So, hands on about the initial idea of ​​the social network, but without much explanation as to what those who decide to pay will get. Care will need to be taken as to when this information is provided.

In the meantime, the existence of a person is mentioned in the messages published by Twitter itself. Premium APIs will use version 1.1 of it. Apparently this could be available for a monthly fee or perhaps for use by companies. However, there is no further explanation for this. The truth is that current ignorance is as unexpected as it is questionable.

on twitter it’s normal

Obviously, since the arrival of Elon Musk, Twitter has been change the way you workprioritizes income. It is logical but true that the essence of freedom and equality that has existed in the social network since its birth is lost. And probably, the rest of the companies operating in the same market segment will start copying the formula used… as soon as it works. From time to time.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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