DJ and producer David Guetta enlisted help from artificial intelligence (AI) to form a “partnership” with rapper Eminem. In a recent performance, the musician played an unreleased track called “Emin-AI-em”.

The song’s intro includes the phrase, “This crazy voice is the future, I’m being great in the underworld” allegedly sung by the popular rapper. However, little contribution was made by software that reproduces deep fake sounds..

David Guetta says he researched AI-related websites when he had the idea to play with a possible “cameo”. Despite everything, the result was so real that even the producer couldn’t believe it.

“I discovered these AI websites that write lyrics in basically any artist’s style. So I wrote ‘write an Eminem-style line about a rave’ and then went to another website that recreated the sounds and put the text in,” the musician explained.

Guetta said he would not initiate a commercial partnership with “Emin-AI-em” due to copyright issues. But, The producer’s action speaks to the ethical issue of using deepfakes to recreate other artists’ voices without permission..

For example, anyone at the performance might actually believe that the DJ created a song in partnership with the real Eminem. Also, the rapper could not have known that his own voice was used in a production.

Artificial intelligence makes “art”

With the proliferation of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, other AI services have become accessible for art “creation”.. Recently, an artificial intelligence was used to write an “endless chapter”. seinfeld It’s showing on Twitch.

On the other hand, last year Capitol Records terminated its contract with “virtual rapper” FN Meka. In this case, the artificial intelligence that created the compositions started using inappropriate words to refer to black people.

Source: Tec Mundo

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