When switching from one smartphone to another, a voluminous list of conflicts arises.

Many apps and services return this within a few days, but in doing so, you give their developers access to the phone book. How to make data synchronization without external applications and services.

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How to check contacts from android to ios

1. Save all your contacts on Android smartphone to an account gmail.

This usually happens automatically, but some fees include additional steps. This option is usually found in the account settings settings. Google.

2. Make sure all contacts are uploaded to the clouds Google. To do this, it is important that the web version of the service is configured and authorized under your account.

3. Good on iPhone Settings – Contacts – Accountspress the button Accounts and log into your account Google.

4. When adding an account, a toggle switch is attached Contacts. If necessary, you can activate other options: mail, calendars and notes.

5. Go to app Telephone to the tab Contacts or standalone application Contacts.

There you can switch to view errors from different accounts (button Lists In the left corner).

If you don’t have other accounts to collect conflicts (including iCloud), then the Google conflict list will be collected.

6. Can switch to view all lists, then the list of conflicts will be joins.

If you want to get all the contacts on one iCloud entry, select them and drag them without lifting the touch from the screen.

You can now remove your Google account from your iPhone settings or turn off conflict sync on it (Settings – Contacts – Accounts).

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