In January 2023, the number of vacancies for IT specialists in Russia increased by 63% compared to the same month last year. Analysts from the HeadHunter service have collected 12 unusual vacancies in this area for RB.RU. And the experts interviewed by the publication talked about the prospects for IT specialists in 2023.

Analysts predicted the transformation of the IT market in Russia and the rise of freelance and self-employment.

Most of the unusual offers were in Moscow, where since the beginning of the year they have been looking for a bookmaker analyst, an adviser for tagging data from unmanned vehicles and a virtualization system administrator.

The capital also needed a game designer, a chemoinformatician, a machine learning and computer vision engineer, a developer in the field of machine learning and big data, and a researcher of machine learning algorithms.

In Petrozavodsk, they were looking for a game analyst, in Perm – a system administrator for a mining farm, in Ulyanovsk – a microcontroller software engineer, in Novosibirsk – a creator of intelligent conversational robots.

According to, the average salary offered for these positions ranged from 30,000 to 250,000 rubles.

Demand and supply in the market.

As of mid-2022, the country lacked approximately 1 million IT staff. After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the situation worsened: about 100,000 specialists in this field left Russia. At the same time, 80% of them continued to work for national companies from abroad.

The issue of staffing the industry remained relevant: in January 2023, the authorities suggested looking for IT specialists among the players.

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The demand for IT specialists will continue to grow exponentially in the future, predicted Infoline CEO Ivan Fedyakov. The analyst explains this by the need to support many business processes, the development of technological services and the substitution of foreign software imports.

At the same time, no one canceled the requirements for the work of IT specialists. Many companies in 2023 will have to recruit professionals, develop their own solutions, and train existing employees. And this can take several years.

What specialists are needed in the IT industry

The head of the RocketWork platform, Anastasia Uskova, said strong middle and senior workers will be in high demand as they are more frequently offered relocation packages. Competition for them will be high.

However, it will not be difficult to find work for promising young people.

“Companies clearly understand the tasks, have learned to streamline processes, divide tasks into separate competencies and group them into a list of job responsibilities that won’t scare a newcomer, but rather help them gain experience and grow,” he said. Uskova.

In this regard, the executive director of DC Engineering, Gleb Antipov, recommended that IT staff improve their skills and experience in their profile, as well as obtain general professional knowledge in the employer’s industry, since companies will need “professionals who Increase your revenue and reduce costs. .

trends and salary

RocketWork predicts a “boom” in the freelance and freelance market. According to Uskova, these processes will be “driven” by the specialists themselves, who are now showing great interest in this type of format, and by companies that will optimize costs through outstaffing and leasing of personnel.

“Someone will make up for the shortage of personnel with part-time workers, someone will simply close non-essential areas for the company with freelancers, and someone will optimize costs and deadlines for completing tasks,” the expert noted.

Gleb Antipov believes that even taking into account the shortage of personnel this year, specialists should not count on a significant increase in salaries, it is better to focus on their skills.

The most powerful transformation of the IT market, which began last year, will continue, in his opinion, for another two to five years, and it is impossible to predict the demand for any particular technology stack over that horizon, so it remains to be seen. “keep your nose to the wind” and “tail with a gun.”


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Source: RB

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