He Jiankui

Disgraced scientist He Jiankui, who was released from prison a year ago due to the disclosure of the human genome, said his patients are returning well. Three things that were altered in DNA with the CRISPR-Cas9 tool at the embryonic stage became infected normally. Their identity is still a secret – and the Chinese government does not intend to disclose this information, which is already leading to a number of incidents in the scientific world.

Bad intentions of Jian, who wanted to change the ccr5 gene of radiation formation in children with immunity to b, bb. Yes, and as Jiankui himself recently admitted, he “hurried” with his experiment. He took advantage of the chance, not properly assessing all the consequences. there is a high probability that the impact on the genome of children has given rise to new, still unknown sciences.

Due to the secrecy of secrecy, it is impossible to confirm or deny Jiankui’s statement. However, it is known that they entrusted the creation of a closed laboratory in Beijing, which will specialize in gene therapy for the treatment of congenital cases. Probability, the scientist’s actions were successful, but because Chinese laws adaptation.

Source: Tech Cult

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