It seems foldable phone market It will be much more competitive from now on. Samsung currently manages this strictly, but there are a few companies that have decided to make things very complicated: OPPO and Xiaomi. Secondly, some details of its next model are known and things are pointing in very good directions.

The device we are talking about is the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3, which will apparently be the terminal that will consolidate the Asian firm as one of the benchmarks in the folding market. quality leap in the photography department It’s very important and this is something that will increase their appeal considerably as the cameras of these phones are not very good at the moment.

This is a much better camera on Xiaomi

To get an idea of ​​the evolutionary leap to take, it’s worth noting that the MIX Fold 2 has a sensor designed for an 8MP telephoto lens that allows for 2X zoom. Nothing special. For the new model you prepared Xiaomi, the idea the firm has is to resort to a periscope type element.this will mean a clear leap forward both when it comes to lossless augmentation and in the quality of the resulting photos.

The front of the Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 phone


Such known information states that it is entirely possible without the need to increase the solubility of the component. Get up to 5X zoom without loss (and if we’re talking about the hybrid option, you can get fifty increments… a disgrace). Therefore, we are talking about a clear improvement in performance. But yes, we’ll have to see how it’s integrated into the terminal since we’re talking about bigger hardware in principle.

Other options expected in the new MIX Fold 3

To begin with, it is certain that camera will be placed at the bottom of the screen for selfies, so there will be no holes or any samples in the panel, which will give the device a much more striking visual. On the other hand, it will include: big hinge upgrade so that bent gaps are less noticeable when the phone is open, which is a very interesting improvement.

Folding side Xiaomi MIX Fold 2


Regarding the hardware, all components are expected to be commonplace for the high-end product, so it’s reasonable to expect the processor to be one. Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 and what does it have to do with RAM reaches 12GB. If all this is confirmed, it is clear that Samsung will struggle hard to maintain its dominance in the paid market because Xiaomi is going strong.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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