The planet Saturn looks very impressive during the opening. The famous rings have long become the “calling card” of the gas giant. However, in the 1980s, scientists noticed a strange phenomenon in them. We are talking about mysterious phenomena, called “spokes”. Prodozhitenoalks First of all, Saturno ended with the term “seasonal braids”, coded for the former launch of the space Mississippi over Voya.

Using the Hubble Space Telescope, it was possible to take high-quality photographs of strange lines in the rings, but this did not bring science closer to understanding natural phenomena. Space explorers so far only put forward hypotheses. Agree, one of them, “spicy”, may be the result of changes in the magnetic field of the panet under the threat of sunshine. This phenomenon is akin to the terrestrial northern lights. The scientists admit that the fleeting shadows captured by the hubb camera are little more than particles of da, da ..

Despite the fact that the phenomena are crowded many times and carry the poisoning of “sonnoalx”, no one has yet nch Scientists compare this to how impossible it is to calculate in advance the location of the first storm, which marks the perionado peri. Ei Sayon, NASA senior panetologist, said that the spokes of Saturn are a unique natural phenomenon, a mechanism

Source: Tech Cult

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