A big The problems WhatsApp has had so far is the sharing of images. Having -any version- of the application causes their quality to degrade considerably. Fortunately, there is already concrete evidence that this is happening. will change to the taste of users.

This compression what images are subjected to when sent by the application strongwhich makes sense if you take into account the restrictions in effect until recently for sharing large files (not available now as files up to 2GB can be sent). Then, It didn’t make much sense to hide it. and they must have thought the same about the company Meta owns because they’re so close to changing it. In conclusion, photos will remain exactly the same as the original.

What was seen in the WhatsApp application?

The first thing to say is that it’s in. trial version where data emerges that show the app, especially for Android, that the change we’re talking about will soon become a reality. Thus, what was predicted to happen came true. image sharing interface A new element was seen that was completely illuminating.

New sharing images on WhatsApp


In the image we left before this paragraph, it can be seen that at the top of the options ribbon in the WhatsApp application, when an image is managed, you can see an image. icon named HD. By pressing this, it will be possible to choose to keep the current sharing method (ie, keep compressing to save data); or if not, use a higher definition. It does not indicate whether it will be exactly original or there may be some changes. But given what’s available in the competition like Telegram, it’s normal to leave stuff of the same quality as in the original.

Good news but be careful

It is positive that nothing has changed, because if you want to send a photo to someone to print it for framing, compression is something that cannot be used – because the loss of quality and the appearance of noise is something that happens all the time. But yes, if it is allowed to be sent in high resolution, users will from time to time they will need to check the repository of the terminalbecause these files will be much larger and therefore may have problems over time.

now there is only Wait for WhatsApp to decide to enable this functionality for everyoneAccording to the information obtained, we do not believe that it will take long as the operation went very well.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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