The pirate library Z-Library is back online last weekend, as reported by TorrentFreak this Monday (13), even in the midst of the US government’s anti-piracy actions that crashed the platform late last year. The service hosts more than 10 million ebooks and tens of millions of scientific papers.

The virtual library, which has been operating on the dark web since the website was discontinued in November 2022, has now returned to the traditional “clearnet” internet accessible to all. And in this turn, the service has taken some measures to prevent future enforcement actions from closing its page again.

For this purpose, the project in which digital books and scientific articles are shared, custom personal domain name for each user. In order to access the new private address, it is necessary to log in to the platform with the previously registered account credentials.

After the user logs into the system, he will be directed to his personal area where he can download e-books and articles as usual. Z-Library has asked users not to share their unique link, as each private address is password protected and can only be accessed by the person himself.

uncertain future

return largest pirate library in the world is happening celebrated by users who went to the project’s page to send thank you messages. However, it is unknown how long the platform will be available, even with a bet on the strategy of private personal spaces.

As the publication reports, Return of the Z-Library could result in new blockades of North American justice, which has an eye on the methodology chosen by the operators. Last year, authorities removed more than 200 service-related domains in Argentina in an action that resulted in the arrest of two people linked to the platform.

Source: Tec Mundo

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