Good morning dear readers, and today I want to talk to you about Roamer Swiss mechanical watches. And, despite the fact that this brand is familiar to many, and watches are now sold in abundance, there is no mistake in the title.


Roamer’s story is, shall we say, “blocked”, there were good moments and not so good ones. Now the company is at a point where it will be difficult for him to return to his usual league. Initially, Roamer considered brands like Longines to be his competitors, then he started looking at Certina. It is now a mass market, often borrowing designs. The company has long been owned by the Chinese holding company, though it doesn’t advertise it much. And nowhere in particular.

classless swiss watch

However, the watches have not ceased to be Swiss, and can still offer decent quality, but already incomparable for the price, especially in mechanical watches. But the fact is that Roamer gradually switched to calibers less prestigious than ETA and Sellita – STP, a subsidiary of Fossil. There is nothing wrong with this, of course: this is the same clone, but for some reason it is considered less interesting in narrow circles of watch lovers.

From the description of one of the new Roamer models

So I managed to snatch the rest

I don’t know if my find can be considered successful, but for 25 thousand I got a very good movement in a Roamer case a couple of months ago, and now I will briefly talk about this watch.

Roamer, as a brand with a history, is full of logos, which you will find under the glass, on the strap, on the crown and on the buckle.

The assembly of the watch itself is pretty decent, here of course there’s a steel case, insulated to 50 meters, and slightly domed glass over the dial; you can see that the clock is uneven.

Where you can make it a little more expensive, Roamer does: there’s a good, comfy butterfly clasp, and it’s even decorated with a pattern.

No complaints about materials, assembly – this is a good watch.

clock face

The Roamer came out quite large in diameter (about 42mm), and it seems like they didn’t hold the volume all the way.

Here we see three circles separated from each other. In white is a minute scale with the main general indices moving towards it. Actually, according to some bloggers, such a dial, because of the indices, we can call it a sector.

The watch has a central second hand, the main hands are one of the simplest among the classic ones, this is the so-called “Dauphine”. At the 3 o’clock position, the “Day-Date” box.

The calendar complication has a quick change in one of the crown positions. There are two languages: Latin and hieroglyphs. The Latin letters almost bump against the frame on some days of the week.

Some defects can be found in addition.

Well, for example, some tiny strokes are located, so to speak, not quite in the middle of the main markings. This is not visible during use, but if you look closely you will notice it for sure. I consider this a bit, because such a thing can usually be found everywhere, even in watches of the premium and higher segment. But you need a microscope, of course.

mechanical watches

And here is the most interesting, perhaps. This is a series of R-Line, automatic self-winding watches. And this is not the last model in this series, when Roamer still had free access to ETA’s own calibers. In the case of our watch, due to the day-date complication, we can easily identify the ETA 2836.

In general, that’s why I think that at that time (March 2022) for 25 thousand it was a good option, at least for the caliber. ETA is a reliable mechanism with a good reputation, in Roamer it is accurate and stable. It has a power reserve of 38 hours, it has bidirectional automatic winding, there is a stop seconds and the ability to wind the watch manually. From Roamer on it: only engraved on the rotor.

Does this mean that the modern Roamer is bad? No, I don’t think so, and by the way, modern Roamer models look like this. But if you choose between STP and ETA, then you must choose ETA. Here it is, whatever they say.


A brief unboxing, comments and how the watch sits on the hand, according to tradition, is here:

Some conclusions

  • Roamer has gotten a bit sloppy and can be noticeable, if not critical. All the best in this ETA watch, all the controversy – work of author Roamer

  • As for the assembly, there is no doubt, the materials are good, but the watch does not seem “richer”. clocks and watches

  • The highest and even middle league for Roamer, perhaps, is closed. The company focuses on low-cost markets, plans to strengthen in China (well, judging by the schedule, that’s right)

Thanks for your attention. Let me remind you that there are a couple of links in the signature: to VK and to the cart – this may interest you. You have a good day!

Good morning dear readers, and today I want to talk to you about Roamer Swiss mechanical watches. And, despite the fact that this brand is familiar to many, and watches are now sold in abundance, in…

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