Japan collects a lot as the birthplace of sushi. Now this country has turned into a place where an extraordinary phenomenon called “sushi terrorism” has arisen. Kura Sushi decided to find protection against it with the help of artificial intelligence solutions. The brand intends to modernize the same cameras used in the premises from t to settle. The maximum emphasis will be placed on fixing the moments when people take products with a conveyor belt and other items.

It all started with several viral videos on the Web, where “terrorists” come to restaurants to lick the lid of a vessel with soy sauce or touch someone else’s sushi on a conveyor belt with their hands. The videos had the effect of an exploding bomb – the network of educational institutions Sushiro became noticeably less visitors, and stock quotes were revealed at the level of 5%. A wave of discontent swept across Japan, the population began to trust restaurateurs less, believing that “cleanliness control” in establishments was not properly established.

Sushiro’s network had to go to unprecedented lengths to regain customer confidence. All soy sauce bottles were promptly replaced, each cup is securely sterilized. In addition, the approach to fulfilling orders has changed – now each dish is made only to order. This can to a greater extent guarantee the Japanese people’s kits comply with hygiene standards and keep them safe.

Source: Tech Cult

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