Android phones are not the same as iPhones, at least when it comes to the app store. Google does everything possible to make you believe it Play Store is the only store that exists, but that’s not the case. Looks like the Mountain View company has given up and will let the unofficial ones get better with the OS.

The reasons for this were not explained in a logical way, but the competition problems in some regions (including the European Union) due to Google’s use of the Play Store as a monopoly seem to be one of them. This is for a change of attitude. The fact is that with the new version of Android 14 Changes have been identified that will make life much easier for other stores while offering their services.

What’s new in Google’s Android 14

As stated in the information source, there are three major changes that come with the new version of the operating system of the North American company, which will make the Play Store competition much more optimal. First, now you can have permissions to install and update apps -as long as the user allows it- and this way you can better manage everything about how to install new features. You can even specify whether you want this to happen automatically (ideal for security applications).

The logo of Google's Android 14 operating system


Additionally, third-party stores will also be allowed access to what are known as: gentle updates. This is users using an app is not currently updating and therefore development stops. It waits for development not to run before continuing with a background installation. It’s basic, but it hasn’t been possible until now. There is also power as a third innovation. Choose to make an app other than Play Store or a store that can update all apps it is installed. That is, if Google itself detects that it has a newer version, the user will not be able to do anything as it has identified another selected for him.

good strategy

The truth is that this is a good decision so that you don’t have legal problems and also. Much more for users to customize their terminal with Android. That’s why the upcoming changes in Android 14 are a success by Google.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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