The eSports market has grown tremendously in recent years and dominates the online gaming world with tournaments filling huge stadiums with fans from all over the world.

According to the Esports Earnings website, a website specializing in accounting for amounts distributed by competitions around the world, in 2022 the value of the prizes exceeded US$192 million. Big names sponsor teams competing in the competitions, including gambling sites like BC.Game, the official partner of the Cloud9 team.

Check out the top three paying eSports games below:

one. Dota 2

Game Dota 2 Moved more than $32.8 million in 2022. Of all the games in the category, this has always been the game with the highest prize for the winners.

With two teams of 5 players, the game requires a lot of strategy from the opponents whose goal is to destroy enemy ancestors while protecting them.

two. Arena of Courage

arena of valor

Game Arena of Courage Reached a total prize pool of $32.7 million in 122 competitions. In the game, teams play matches on a map whose goal is to destroy the opposing base. Launched in 2017 Arena of Courage It can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.

3. pubg mobile


HE pubg mobile US$23.4 million moved in 74 tournaments. The game has a tactical style and has several options for maps and weapons. Players can play individually or in groups, the last person standing wins.

Check out the full list of top-grossing games in 2022 below:

one. Dota 2

two. Arena of Courage

3. pubg mobile

4. fortnite

5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

6. wild slit

7. Rocket League


9. Rainbow Six

10. League of Legends

Source: Tec Mundo

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