The retirement of Internet Explorer (IE) in Windows 10 took place on Tuesday (14) with the release of an update that permanently disables the browser on computers with the operating system installed. Users trying to open the old program on these machines will be prompted to select Microsoft Edge.

Launched in 1995, Explorer was one of the most successful browsers of that decade when it rivaled Netscape, which was born a year earlier and was also from the early 21st century. As a way to honor the classic browser, Technology World Remember now 8 sites that left their mark on IE history.

1. Where?

Cadê was Brazil’s most popular search engine in the early years of the internet here, long before Google and other search engines. Bringing a virtual mall and providing email service along with sites, images and news launched in September 1995.

2. Photographer in 2007.

Fotolog, a distant cousin of Instagram, let you post photos and text in the same space. The service had limitations on daily feeds in its free version and also became an interaction and dating platform before the launch of major social networks.

3. MySpace

On in 2005.

On MySpace, a must-visit page for anyone wanting to talk about music in the mid-2000s, users were meeting new bands and artists, especially out-of-the-box people, joining forums and groups, watching video clips, and more. more

4. orkut

Orkut is in 2004, the year of his debut.

Social media platform Orkut, which debuted in 2004 by combining various services such as virtual forums, text messages, photo albums and chat rooms in one place, had 30 million Brazilian users and is still remembered today.

5. Napster

Napster shortly after its launch in 1999.

At a time when there was no streaming of music, it was common to resort to Napster. In its original version, born in 1999, the platform illegal MP3 file downloadsHe raises the ire of the music industry by working on Winamp and other programs.

6. Humor

Humortadela in 2008, whose content was shared on social networks and other platforms.

The classic Humortadela page with cartoons, animated sketches and other material playing a similar role to existing memes was deactivated in 2016.

7. Sound cards

Virtual cards of various categories are available on the Voxcards website in 2009.

To send virtual birthday cards, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and other special dates were common practice before messaging apps. Voxcards was one of the sites that offered such a service that allows you to choose love messages, funny messages and many other categories.

8. Hotmail

Hotmail login page in July 2001.

currently known, Microsoft’s free email service was one of the most popular in the world when it was called Hotmail. The platform became available a year after Internet Explorer was required to access classic MSN Messenger, in addition to sending and receiving email.

Source: Tec Mundo

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