Foreign journalists shared their impressions of the new Sony PlayStation VR 2 full reality helmet.

In general, everyone appreciated the novelty and called it “significantly ahead of the history of the generation on all fronts.” However, many were dissatisfied with the price.

We understand.

1. Edge

Incredible gaming experience

Traditionally among the first editions of The Verge. The following are excerpts from their text.

It’s not recommended to use it with PSVR games, and you can’t just plug it into a Windows PC and use it with SteamVR or Oculus games like you did with Quest 2. Focus on possible exclusives to justify the $549 price tag.

As a result, motion tracking on PSVR2 controllers is more accurate with Oculus Touch controllers. And if he meets the first generation, then this is earth and sky.

As in the case of the “oculus”, here the controllers determine how you touch the device bodies, buttons or triggers. However, sometimes there were minor problems with the definition: the controller could confuse places with your fingers. And to the level of comfort and work in general, the Valve Index is still far away.

But there are responsive triggers, as in DualSense. They answered questions.

Horizon Call of the Mountain liked the gaze presentation system. For example, you can select response options in conversations by simply looking at them.

Ease of use starts from the moment you open the box. No new account to create, no software to install, no mess of cords. Connect one USB-C cable to the front of the PS5 and press the power buttons on the headset and each controller.

Like other modern headsets, PSVR 2 automatically recognizes the game space so you don’t have to create a new one at the start of a session.

There is a through mode. Works approximately at the level of the Oculus Quest 2 Pro, displaying a half-cycle image from the camera on the helmet screen. There is no delay, but in general it can be used in a helmet, for example, a smartphone.

Speaking of comfort, this helmet is very comfortable. But at the same time, it can stretch a little in front due to its design.

There’s a lot to love about the Sony display. The 120Hz OLED pixels are brighter and more colorful than the LCD panel perhaps in the Oculus Quest 2, and they’re incredibly crisp. But there is also a minus, which we discovered after a while. We have not been able to find a helmet so that the lenses always remain transparent.

As for the sound, the bundled headphone conductors are quite mediocre. But you can connect a serial wired headset for better results.

2. IGN

Expensive but worth it

Of the gaming publications, the first gadgets received IGN.

PlayStation VR2 is now the most common way to play VR games in PC format using 4K.

However, unlike the HO Reverb G2, the PS VR2’s display uses two HDR 2000 x 2040-enabled OLED panels on the eye that run at up to 120Hz and return to 110 degrees of viewing.

The analog sticks on PSVR 2 are smaller than on the DualSense, but they’re still a pleasure to use. They work exactly the same. Each button also has a “touch touch system” that can detect where your fingers are on it or not, allowing for fairly precise hand gestures.

However, it doesn’t work as cool as tracking footprints on the Valve Index controller, so you’re limited to the senses and gestures, which means zoomed in significantly up or pointing in the direction of the finger pointer.

With autonomy, there are problems of the DualSense level. It takes 4-5 hours to completely discharge, but there have been better indicators for ratings.

What pleased me, here you can almost completely get rid of glare. Another touch-up effect that you don’t see in the popular VR suite is the headset’s built-in vibration, which adds a new layer of immersion to other gaming experiences that are needed in realizing moments.

For example, the whole head turned out to be how dinosaurs approach you in Jurassic World Aftermath. The helmet literally pulses with every step they take.

The disappointingly packaged earphones cut the sound, not even reaching the Sony Pulse 3D wireless earbuds.

Yes, PSVR 2 costs $150 more than PS5. The helmet is obviously overpriced, but it looks like a jump in search with the previous generation.

Source: Iphones RU

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