Wildberries began implementing a new algorithm to calculate discounts and display them to customers. If earlier the struck-out cost – “original” – of the goods was indicated by the seller at his own discretion, now it cannot be higher than the actual price of the goods at which it was sold during the previous calendar week.

Wildberries will prohibit sellers from specifying an arbitrary initial cost of goods

In addition, now the buyer will receive information about the discount only if it differs from the average real price by at least 5%, the market’s press service told RB.RU.

Wildberries believes that the new approach will prevent the emergence of false discounts. Previously, some sellers cross-referenced the original cost of the products and indicated a large “discount” in relation to it, thus misleading the online platform and buyers.

The display of discounts in the new format is now available to buyers from various regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The company plans to introduce a new approach by March 1 across all Wildberries services and for users in all countries.

Last year, the marketplace developed and implemented its own AI-based algorithm that compares the prices of sale items with their average price from previous periods and hides fake discount deals.

Wildberries also began testing the customer rating feature. In the future, buyers with a high score will receive additional bonuses and services.


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Source: RB

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