Bill Nason’s space experiments, which in the course of the parliamentary ogre are engaged in the mitarization of space.

However, they were obliged to do so. With the help of such accusations, Nelson “knocked out” more. The current launch will cost 25.5 million US dollars. – without even bothering to prove any evidence. In fact, Nelson surpassed Keith in the name of American spacecraft.

Official representative of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs “China’s ricular slanderous movements are against China’s normal and reasonable tendencies to develop its foreign territory.”

The store was not authorized in this way. Nelson, in his final year, showed a lack of commitment to the plan to “seize lunar resources for himself,” which suggests a contradiction with the state’s obligations under the UN space agreements of 1967, after which … he asked the US Senate for additional funding for a new project.

Nelson doesn’t use the plane or pilot either, hopefully we’ll miss it in 2030 so we won’t have to wait long Americans.

Source: Tech Cult

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