The launch of Google’s AI chatbot Bard was marked by critiques from employees themselves about innocent mistakes and “rush out” affecting the brand’s actions. But, The company hasn’t given up on OpenAI’s ChatGPT rival technology.

According to an internal email received by Business Content, CEO Sundar Pichai asks all employees to devote four hours a day to “in-depth” testing the platform. This will be a “must have” for the 170,000+ major tech workers.

Employees across all of Google's industries were directed to test Bard AI.

The statement also mentions the beginning of Bard’s internal testing, which includes “thousands” of external and internal testers. In addition to analyzing quality and safety, the company evaluates the chatbot’s “baseline” and whether responses are human-read.

for Gizmodo, Google confirms information leaked from email “Testing and feedback from contributors and internal testers is critical to improving Bard,” he said. So these actions help make the product ready for users.

Representatives explain that employee engagement is an important part of big tech’s internal culture. However, they did not comment on the recommended daily testing time.

The rush to launch Bard AI caused Google's shares to plummet.

Great chatbot race

It looks like Google will use a large part of its workforce to fix a “missing product”. As some officials have argued, Bard’s hurried release was a move to show that big tech isn’t far behind OpenA.I.

Since the rise of ChatGPT in late 2022, the company has declared a “state of alert” and shifted most of its resources to the chatbot. But the market and employees themselves expected the technology to be announced only at the I/O 2023 event in May.

For more, The recent disastrous demonstration caused the company to accelerate the development of a project that was not a priority until a few months ago.. However, there is tremendous internal pressure to show that the chatbot can truly be trusted.

Source: Tec Mundo

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