This fast charging MFi adapter is less than half the price of the official Apple charger

A much cheaper alternative to charging your iPhone and iPad.

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MFi certified fast charging adapter

Apple introduced fast charging to its devices a few years ago, but the price of the official power adapter is a bit high. Fortunately, there are much cheaper MFi (Made for iPhone) alternatives on the market. Alternatives like this fast charger USB-C related to 20W From the manufacturer MUBJO on Amazon.

While the official 20W Apple charger costs 25 Euros, this alternative from Amazon is just €10,8410% discount included. It’s less than half the price of the official charger.

USB-C fast charger (20W)

100% reliable and safe product

MFi certified products are products specifically designed for iPhone and iPad. In fact, the only company that can offer this type of certification is Apple. So it means Apple allows this adapter to be sold Fast charging with 20W power.

Compatible with all iPhone models that support fast charging. So, starting with the iPhone X and all later generations up to the iPhone 14 series, but also compatible with other Apple devices such as computers. macbook or iPad Pro.

The adapter has a USB-C port and is fully compatible with technology Quick Charge Power Delivery 3.0. It has a built-in chip that is responsible for automatically selecting the corresponding or optimal voltage level for each device to which it is connected. Amazon also states in its file that it’s lightweight and very portable like any power adapter, wow. Cable not included.

Costs €10,84 The official 20W Apple charger is priced at 25 euros, after 10% off its original price (11.99 euros). Almost nothing!

USB-C fast charger (20W)

about a cheaper and equally functional alternative to the official Apple power adapter. Since the bitten apple logo is their signature, they always recommend not using other brands, but since this adapter is MFi certified, it should not be a problem.


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