Despite the fact that many animals have a woolen cover, none of them have hairs that form curls – chrome. This is a side effect of our difference, because among all hairy s s s s First of all, we have a large brain volume that is vulnerable to overheating. Secondly, because of the spinning cranial box of the floor, it gives the greatest number of frequencies t, n s

Experiments by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania on mannequins with sensors have convincingly proved that it is the curly hair structure that is most effective for cooling the head. Soy strand of hair with staful

Animal wool in its totality to collect heat and protect the skin from various negative factors. Humans, on the other hand, have an overheating protection function, since evolutionarily speaking, our species originated and lived almost all the time in a very warm hair climate. If the hair is removed, the person begins to lose much more radial cooling of the body, but this leads to catastrophic dehydration, so this mutation did not take root. As p genotype.

Source: Tech Cult

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