Discord is a communication application that provides voice and video conversations and participation in communities, as well as exchanging short messages on various topics, especially games and programming.

Currently, the platform has one50 million active users per month and one9 million active servers per week. Additionally, you can use Discord via your web browser or mobile app. So what is the story behind this tool and its name? See the answer in this post!

How did the disagreement arise?

A The Discord story begins in 2015 When the company Hammer & Chisel, a game developer, launched a communication tool for the game Destiny Forever, Considered the first MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) for mobile devices.

It was so successful that partners Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy decided to change the focus of their work from creating games to developing the started communication app, and so they founded Discord.inc.

The founders claim that since childhood, they have always been very fond of video games and friendships formed while playing. Therefore, they wanted to provide a service to the population that would encourage conversation and connection between people while playing remotely.

covid-19 outbreak and Discord

Since 2020, Discord’s audience has expanded due to the covid-19 outbreak, now only gamers or developers.

During this period the app became widely used for chats in general and proved to be a very useful corporate tool during social isolation. So the company decided to position itself as a brand in the market. communication platform for everyone.

But the good news is that this doesn’t mean games are left out, for example, there are concerns that enable integration between Discord and PlayStation to improve players’ experience.

Now you know the history of the app, but why Discord? What motivated the choice of this name? Check out!

After all, why Discord?

The name Discord means "incompatibility" and was used ironically by the app

The name “Discord” was chosen because it’s kind of a word. Iremember the act of communicationThis is exactly what the app is for: to allow simple and fast communication.

However, the name is somewhat intriguing, as the English term “discord” means “discord”.conflict” or “conflict”, even though the meaning has something to do with the conversation, goes against the platform’s proposal to unite people, albeit from afar.

But the founders’ idea was exactly that, will use irony to attract attention and attract users. They also took into account that the name “Discord” was easy to pronounce and memorize, and that the domain name was suitable for registration at that time.

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