Good music is an essential element to enjoy Carnival the way Brazilians love it. If you still don’t have samba no pé, check out the options. Carnival playlist for all tastes is on Spotify.

Axé, sertanejo block on the street, funk on fun, and marchinhas on the street to keep up with your sparkle until Ash Wednesday. see more!

1) “Carnavalizar” playlist with lots of pop and axé

50 songs on the carnival playlist prepared by Spotify received more than 130,000 likes. There are nearly 3 hours of Brazilian hits in the voiceovers of major artists such as Saulo, Duda Beat, Daniela Mercury, Julio Secchin, Silva, Johnny Hooker and Olodum.

2) Playlist to remember old Carnival songs

Make room for the playlist of those who love carnival fun, accompanied by traditional marshmallows. Here are “Mamãe eu Quero”, “Allah-La-Ô”, “Cidade Maravilhosa” and 19 more song options.

3) Playlist made by MPB master

How about getting music recommendations from Caetano Veloso? The artist has a Spotify playlist specially prepared for Carnival days.

It’s 2 hours and 30 minutes of enjoyment with “A Luz de Tieta”, “Frevo do Trio Elétrico”, “Nossa Gente (Avisa lá)” and other singles directed by Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Majur, Banda Eva and Orquesta Frevo do Mundo.

4) There’s sertanejo on the street in the carnival playlist

University sertanejo could not be left out of this list. The hustle and bustle and tunes that are successful all over Brazil are collected in one playlist.

Hit Play and listen to Ana Castela, Israel and Rodolffo, Gustavo Lima, Henrique and Juliano, Zé Felipe, Marília Mendonça, Jorge and Mateus.

5) Playlist for kids to jump Carnival together

The little ones are also part of the fun. In the children’s playlist, there lots of samba-enredo to cheer the kids up and teach them how to make the most of this event so important to Brazilian culture.

6) Bloco da Anitta playlist with the best of Funk

For those who love to get down to the ground, the Bloco da Anitta playlist brings together the songs of the carioca singer who has become a worldwide phenomenon. 5 hours of hits with an exciting rhythm, ideal for your carnival party!

7) Playlist directed by Anne Ivete Sangalo

Talking about Carnival is talking about Ivete Sangalo! Mainha’s Bahian swing caps today’s carnival displays with a golden key (or is it confetti?)

Those with “Cria da Ivete” have “Só love” on their minds when playing this incredible selection, whether at home, on the street or at a party with the family!

Current your holiday playlist is already guaranteedDon’t forget to check out TecMundo’s tips to safely celebrate Carnival at your best age!

Source: Tec Mundo

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