Recently, he began to spread on social networks. viral video in which the girl is visible freeze eggs in an ice tray. The inevitable question is: is this madness or genius?

The truth is, if it could be done like her, it would be interesting. if you have excess eggs, you keep them in the freezer and you can immediately throw them into the pan. As well as the famous tricks in which oils with spices or even mixtures are aged to make hot chocolate. Everything goes.

But in this case, when freeze raw eggs we are dealing with much more delicate food. Just look at the recent case of the famous Madrid establishment, which had to temporarily close indefinitely. salmonellosis outbreak because of undercooked cakes. This is not something to be taken lightly. But the truth is, as long as it’s done well, it’s not all that far-fetched. Spoiler alert: they don’t do it that way in the video.

Take care of food safety

The first thing that catches your eye in the video is that the girl is careless when it comes to raw egg handling. We must not forget that this is a delicate food that must be handled with great care to avoid the spread of pathogens such as salmonella.

She spills part of the egg on the counter, takes it in her hand and puts it back in the ice bucket. Off-camera, we hope he will wash his hands before picking up the spices, but we don’t have all of them with us.

Finally, he leaves open the ice bucket, into which some of the contents were previously poured, right in the freezer. Thus, he is in contact with something like pads and tampons, although they can be reused boxes. In this case, it will come into contact with other foods, which can lead to cross-contamination. It’s the same if you don’t clean the countertop properly after freezing the eggs.

Okay, but is it possible to freeze eggs like in the viral video?

We have already seen that food safety his absence from this viral video is conspicuous. But the truth is, if you could freeze your eggs, it would be quite helpful. And the truth is that it’s possible though a number of precautions must be taken.

To start, they can not be frozen in the shell. Not only because it contains a good part of the aforementioned pathogens. Also, as he says hypertext food safety expert Gemma del Cano“The egg will burst.” It also cannot be frozen cooked. “otherwise the texture will be terrible.”

The solution is thus freeze beaten eggs. According to del Cano, this can be done in two ways. With a whole egg or with the protein on one side and the yolk on the other. Thus, they can be used, for example, for different recipes. This must be done in clean and closed bags to avoid cross contamination.

Yes, it affects the texture

Keep in mind that although it is possible to freeze eggs, as in this viral video, the result will not be the same as with fresh eggs.

In fact, as explained in health line In an article reviewed by Dr. Natalia Butler, the texture is particularly affected by the yolks, which become much more jelly-like. Therefore, the answer is yes, you can freeze eggs, but not like in the viral video, if you donโ€™t want to take risks food poisoning. Also, in another order, this should be an extreme resource if we have a surplus of this food, as the freshest version will always be better. However, we only need to know if it actually recycles the boxes or if there is some hidden purpose behind the pad freeze.

Source: Hiper Textual

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